Who we are

Instead of an anonymous big corporation, Uberspace is run by about a dozen people that strive to make technology accessible, understandable and manageable for you. You’ll find us in coworking spaces, at local meetups or in the audience of Linux-themed conferences. With us, you could share a coffee, a Mate, or a beer with exactly those people that are building the next feature into Uberspace - or mount the next server into a rack.

What we believe in

Given the fact that we were able to serve you that way since 2010 and having grown since then with you and through your support, delights us a lot as it means we’re doing something right, and we’re gladly taking responsibility to follow that path even further, keeping discovering new technology and making it available to you.


We are not cagey about our concepts, our code or our vendors.

Data minimization

We do not collect any personal data from you except your mail address.


We do not sweep our disruptions and outages under the rug, but instead blogging about them, including our learnings.


We put ourselves in your place and keep our understanding of having been newbies at some point as well.

Our team

We’re connected as a team by sharing common beliefs, but not by sharing the same place: What’s called working “remote first” today has been our reality right from the start. We all work from home, across Germany and Austria. This provides us with a lot of flexibility and freedom. Frequent video meetings and visiting each other in person helps keeping in touch. Twice a year, we all meet, not only to work together, but also to give room for bonding - and fun, for sure.

Social Media

We write about topics that move us, give insights into our working world and behind the scenes.


Would you like some more? You can find background information on many topics in the blog.


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We feed our Instagram Account of space and rocket friends with snapshots from our daily lives.


Look into the source code! Many of our repositories are publicly available on GitHub and the number is constantly growing.



The best, as always, comes at the end. Hotly desired at every event and hand-delivered!

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